What is the Mentoring Resource Center?

The Mentoring Resource Center serves as a central office for the entire Wake Forest community and provides guidance, resources, support, and recognition for Wake Forest mentoring relationships and programs.

TheĀ mission of the Mentoring Resource Center is to make mentoring a visible, core experience and value of the Wake Forest community.

TheĀ vision of the Mentoring Resource Center is to become the nationally-recognized leader in higher education mentoring programs and practice.

Advisory Committee

The Mentoring Resource Center is supported and guided by a dedicated Advisory Committee, made up of faculty and staff members from across the University. The Advisory Committee meets bi-annually.

Advisory Committee Members (Department):

Christy Buchanan (Psychology/Academic Advising)
Andy Chan (OPCD)
Matt Clifford (Campus Life)
Kline Harrison (Global Affairs)
Matt Imboden (School of Business)
Kim McGrath (Communications and External Relations)
Gloria Muday (Biology)
Tom Phillips (Office of the Dean of the College)
Michael Sloan (Classical Languages)
Christina Soriano (Dance)
Tim Wilkinson (Campus Life)