The Mentoring Resource Center serves as a central office for the entire Wake Forest community and provides guidance, resources, support, and recognition for Wake Forest mentoring relationships and programs.

The mission of the Mentoring Resource Center is to make mentoring a visible, core experience and value of the Wake Forest community.

The vision of the Mentoring Resource Center is to become the nationally-recognized leader in higher education mentoring programs and practice.

Mentoring Partners

The Mentoring Resource Center hosts our Mentoring Partners group once every semester for professional development, training, and sharing of ideas around mentoring at Wake Forest. This group consists of faculty, staff, and students who manage formal or informal mentoring programs or are interested in promoting a mentoring culture through their work on our campus.  To join us for a future Mentoring Partners meeting and to get on our newsletter list, please contact Lauren Beam.

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The Mentoring Resource Center is here to support Wake Forest faculty, staff, students, and alumni who are involved in formal or informal mentoring relationships and programs, or who simply want to learn more. Find an overview of the services we offer below to best determine how our team can assist you. Contact Allison McWilliams or Lauren Beam with your mentoring-related needs. We look forward to working with you!


Looking to start a mentoring program? Or have questions about how to build a culture of mentoring within your department or organization?

We regularly meet with faculty, staff, students, and alumni who coordinate formal mentoring programs as well as those who champion informal mentoring efforts. We can help you to identify needs and set strategic goals, develop program plans, identify potential mentors and mentees, create and disseminate marketing messages to recruit participants, match mentors and mentees, develop training and orientation plans, and effectively evaluate individual and program progress.


The key to any effective mentoring relationship or program is a common understanding of expectations, goals, and strategies for effective mentorship.

We offer educational workshops on basic mentoring skills, effective program management, leading people and teams, and can create customized orientation programs to meet the needs and goals of your mentoring program and participants. As well, we consult with mentoring program leaders who wish to create and lead their own educational programs.

Resource Development

Need help developing mentoring resources specific to your program or group? We can tailor any of our resources to meet the specific needs of your audience or develop new ones.

To view samples, check out this Guide to Mentoring Around Cross-Cultural Experiences developed for the Global Programs Office and this Guide to Mentoring Student Workers created for the Office of Personal & Career Development. Additionally, we can recommend external resources to support your learning goals or those of your participants.