National Mentoring Month 2019

Mentoring in Community: National Mentoring Month 2019

When you hear the word “mentoring,” you likely think of a one-on-one developmental relationship between one mentor and one mentee.  However, mentoring can take various shapes and forms. As we celebrate National Mentoring Month this January 2019, let’s consider how we can engage in mentoring in a community of mentors and mentees – specifically, in small groups.

Mentoring groups provide a unique opportunity for individuals, often in similar stages of life or with common interests, to come together for facilitated conversations and to make meaningful connections.  In a group setting, all participants get to be in the role of both mentor and mentee, which is less likely to occur in a one-on-one formal mentoring relationship.  Who are the people in your community? How might these individuals come together to provide mentoring support for each other? Below, find upcoming opportunities and resources for mentoring in community with others.

Start Your Own Mentoring Group

In addition to the opportunities listed above, we encourage you to consider starting your own mentoring group. This may be in a certain city, with individuals in a similar life stage or interests, or to officially formalize a group with which you are already meeting regularly. So how do you even begin? What might a mentoring group look like? To help you get started, download our Mentoring Group Facilitator Guide below (free and accessible to all Wake Forest University Google Mail users).