Google Maps graphic with "build relationships" and "Grow your network" listed as map destinations

Everyone loves a clean slate. A chance to start fresh. To re-focus on what really matters in life.

As we usher in 2022 and the month of January, we hope that you’ll join us in celebrating National Mentoring Month – a time to recommit to one another as a campus community and to consider how we can better support, encourage, and build relationships with each other through mentoring.

This year’s theme is focused on the importance of having clear directions and a destination in mind.

In this case, our starting point is building relationships and our destination is growing and establishing your network during college and beyond.

We’ve created a roadmap to serve as your guide to developing the skill of building key relationships that ultimately expand your network to support the life and career that you want after Wake Forest.

Keep scrolling to learn more!

Graphic of a road map with cars and buildings
Map points with tips next to them
Map points with tips next to them
Resources for the Road with a graphic of a map