Take 5 with Stuart Mease

Stuart Mease

Stuart Mease head shot photo

Stuart Mease

Executive Director, Employer Relations at Wake Forest University

1. How do you define success for yourself? What has helped you to be successful?

Being faithful to God by using the gifts he has given me to serve and benefit others. Reading scripture, praying and journaling on a regular basis helps to live out this faith toward others. I fail every day. Failure is often the first step to success.

2. Think of a time that you faced a challenge, obstacle, or roadblock. How did you get through that and what did you learn?

You don’t always know the why behind the reason you are going through a challenging situation. However, in the future it becomes clear and can appreciate why you went through that hurdle and how it made you a better person. Your greatest struggle is often your greatest opportunity to serve others.

3. Who are your people (either by name or role) who help you to be successful/confident/intentional/reflective/any other descriptor you want to use? And how have they helped you?

You cannot be successful or faithful without the help of others. Certainly, my wife, parents and kids have made me better, but there have been a handful of professional mentors that I have called on frequently – depending the topic. These are my personal Board of Directors.

4. How did you find your people?

It usually started by being proactive and seeking out individuals to mentor you – whether that’s a formal request, or informal, by just joining a group and establishing a bond. You have to seek it.

5. What advice would you give to Wake Forest students as they look for their people?

What I have found is that mentors must have the same personal values to be the most effective. You don’t want to be led somewhere that compromises your values. No job, opportunity, connection or sum of money is worth that exchange.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Put others first. Humble yourself or someone else will do it for you. Be generous with your time – it’s the most valuable resource you can give others. Relationships are the real currency and is the measure of success/faithfulness.