Mentoring in Action: Adam Parker

Adam Parker (’10)Photo of alumnus Adam Parker

History and Political & International Affairs Double Major

MBA Candidate at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, Class of 2017, in Atlanta, GA

Mentor: Wade Stokes (BA ‘83), Assistant Dean, College Development, Wake Forest University


How did you get involved with this mentoring program/mentor and why did you decide to participate as a mentee?

I was a Wake Forest Fellow in the Advancement Office after graduation.

Give an example of a significant conversation you’ve had with your mentor. What did you learn?

I entered my Fellowship with a plan: as the son of two law professors, my plan was to finish out my fellowship and go to law school. Wade was instrumental in opening my eyes to numerous other careers that would be a better fit for me. I worked with Wade on all sorts of tasks – from soliciting donors together to brainstorming campaign themes, Wade and I worked together on a variety of projects. When I realized I enjoyed working on a wide array of projects, Wade encouraged me to look into a career in consulting. Wade also knew of my background both studying and interning in government, so he pointed me towards federal consulting. June 2014 marked my two year anniversary working for Deloitte Consulting in their U.S. Federal Government Practice.

How have you benefited personally from being in a mentoring relationship?

Wade helped me find a career where my interests and skills intersected – and for that I am ever grateful. Wade is not only a great mentor, but also a great friend. Our relationship has evolved from more a mentor/mentee relationship into a co-mentoring relationship where we both call on one another for advice.

What impact has this mentoring relationship (or with other mentors) had on your Wake Forest student experience?

Wade’s mentoring only enriched my already fantastic Wake Forest experience. I knew that this was a special place, but Wade going out of his way to invest time in me was just another reminder of how wonderful of a place Wake Forest is.

Why is mentoring important to you?

I wouldn’t be where I am today with Wade’s guidance!